DPVN (D'EE'P Vision Network), a webcast network station, is one of the innovative and most diversified video distribution companies in the country today. DPVN produces and distributes video content, incorporates marketing and ad sales proceeds for producers of color who own and create their programs, as well as to those who produce content that is essential to our specific cultural diasporas. DPVN is creating an opportunity for professional producers and videographers to distribute their work to the growing global consumer marketplace by offering a platform for businesses to connect to their potential buyer. With the growing online mobile community within the African, Asian and Hispanic cultures, DPVN is the first of its kind to provide a diverse station for producers and visual storytellers. DPVN is not a social site, but a station that has social networking elements that allow our unique viewers to stay connected to the pulse of creative and diverse storytelling that is entertaining and educating.

We have been able to evaluate the positive outcomes of our programming, 385% unique hits in one month. This exposure has resulted in invitations to travel to various cities and countries to gather global content and in partnerships that will support DPVN's corporate growth.

DPVN Distribution Benefits
Producers that are selected to be on DPVN will become a part of a video network that will internally support their online presence through our viral multi-media marketing programs. DPVN is affiliated with several online Radio stations and has an exclusive relationship with an online magazine.

Producers who are signed to DPVN will have the following

  • Exclusive rights to their footage
  • Quarterly Program Viewer Stat reports
  • 40/60 Direct advertisement plan
  • Internal access to Full 5 Media Marketing Group
  • Social Site Support
  • Internal cross marketing
  • Channel options

DPVN Video Content
In structuring our content for DPVN, we are targeting the 1% of producers of color in the mainstream market and its growing percentage. For the independent artists and producers of color, that have new or existing content in their arsenals and have been rejected distribution by major labels or distributors, we are seeking their work. According to Thomas Umstead of targetmarketnews.com, our efforts will be favorable for the 36% of Asian, 14% of African-American and 17% of Latin consumers that watch video online each month, compared to just 7% of white viewers.

Type of Video Content
DPVN is looking to looking for programs that are positive and mature in nature, professionally created and entertaining. We are looking for all types of video content from music videos to comedy series. The minimum length of short form footage that we are willing to post is 15 minutes; maximum 30 min. of consistent programming like shorts, talk shows or episodes. DPVN is al seeking long form, shorts and documentaries up to 90 min. long.

DPVN will review all works submitted by our potential patrons. We will review completed and non-completed work. Video reviews are to be submitted via a hard copy and non-refundable $250.00 money order. Written works are to be submitted via the postal mail service with $350.00 money order.