Women are the foundation of our community, neighborhood, home and family. DPVN would like to do more for our women and we are starting by giving our viewers a chance to express their love for a woman in their life. D'EE'PLY Loving A Queen is our way, in the month of October, of exposing the strong women in our lives.

Whether it is your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, spouse, partner or friend, we would like to know who these women are. Send us a video that is 3 minutes or less expressing your love for the Queen in your life. Let us know why you support and find this women to be the Queen in your life.br>

Text Definitions:

  • DLMQ (D'EE'Ply Loving My Queen)
  • DLU (D'EE'Ply Loving You)

Submit your name, a contact number and your video to DPVN. Note, we will not share your information to a third party.

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100% of your purchase will build our staff so that we can cover more stories about succesful women. You can help us empower, educate and build a platform for women. Channels like MWP, shows on our network that are produced by women. Each on our network could employ and/or give 15 people an oppurtuntiy in the industry of communication, art and marketing.

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Check It Out! Kim LaRue talks to women this month who have been through tribulations and have risen above their adversities.