History about the show in 2007:

D�EE�P HUES Live was an extension of our online magazine and webcast programs that introduce to the world an array of professional emerging artist that we cover here on our site.

D�EE�P HUES live in 2007 was a way of bringing our site to life, giving our online audience and our community an event and an opportunity to enjoy a live performance with other D'EE'P fans.

Why Exclusive?

We started our event of dinner and live performances at Akwaaba Cafe in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn in New York, back in 2006. D�EE�P had great success for six months, 2 shows one Friday a month. It is where we created and introduced our company drink N2D�EE�P. By the third month D'EE'P HUES Live was standing room only. The space was packed to capacity with people from all five boroughs. The artists gave their all to our loyal fans and D�EE�P HUES Live was born.

The next year, in 2007, we took the show to Solomon�s porch, Akwaaba Caf� had shut down and we were ready to take the show to the next level, online. We always wanted D'EE'P Hues Live to be an elegant but casual atmosphere for our fans to dine with the community and enjoy a great performance by an indie artist.

After you have indulged your pallet, we ask our guests to sit back with their friends or loved ones and digest their minds to the sites and sounds of great performers. �Enjoy your wine, coffee, and / or dessert as we bring to you an event that I am sure will complete your week and jump-start your next.�

Come back with us and reminisce to the performances of D'EE'P HUES Live.