The Queens behind Medicine Women Production Channel
Keisha Monique Booker
Kim Larué

Keisha Monique Booker was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Her interest in the arts began as a result of her mother's relentless efforts to expose her to every form of artistic program she could find. One of those programs were The Fournier & Grego Performing Arts Center, where she studied ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance classes with performances at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall. Keisha went on to study Theater Arts at the City College University of New York. Ms. Booker has been active throughout the theater community in New York City. Ms. Booker's productions include The C Above C Above High C, Shango de Ima & the Audelco Award nominated Oshun at the Nuyorican Poets Café. She has also been privileged to perform and direct for the Orisha Tales Reperatory Radio Theatre Company, headed by David D. Wright.

In 1996 Keisha co-founded a Queens based program TEEM Productions (Teach. Enlighten. Empower. Motivate), which produced productions at the Jackie Robinson Public School 15 in St. Albans, Queens and a theater workshop at the Adam Clayton Powell Junior High School 43 in Harlem. Recognizing the need for such a program in other communities she decided to expand her horizons and founded VOYAGE Productions (Visions Of Youth Action & Growth Ensemble) with co-directors Hjordis Linn, Marilyn Torres and Dalila Kee.

Keisha also works with the City of New York, Parks & Recreation After School Program, at the Sunset Park Recreation Center for the past 6 years as a Drama Consultant, working with children ranging in ages of 7-14.


Kim Larué is a Bronx, N.Y. native with a passion for healing the world. Ms. LaRue is a true humanitarian. At the age of 14, she began her humanitarian endeavors raising money for low-birth weight babies with The March of Dimes Walkathon. This initial experience taught her about the value of giving and helping others, and became the foundation for many opportunities of charity. These opportunities included: tending to the needs of cancer patients as a volunteer at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx.

From her early childhood, Kim had a passion for theater. At age 9 years, she played her first role as one of the Three Wise Men in a community church play. She will never forget her first lines in that role as a Wise Old Man: Hurry, Hurry! We must save the King! This role was the catalyst for other opportunities. At age 16, she joined a singing group Family Four which performed at various venues including the Cotton Club, Apollo Theater. This singing group was the Grand Prize winner on MTV's hit show Lip Service in !992.

Recognizing her natural ability and talent, Ms. LaRue pursued formal training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and The New York School for Film and Television. Upon completion of her training, she worked with Hospital Audience Incorporated (HAI) as a teaching artist using role play as a tool for teaching conflict resolution skills and violence prevention in New York City public high schools and detention centers. She also engaged young adults (ages 14-18) in HIV/AIDS education living in family shelter and correctional facilities.

Ms. LaRue has a deep passion for self-expression on stage and offstage. This passion propelled her to pursue responsibilities in Production Stage Management which resulted in several Audelco Award winning and nominated theatrical productions. Some of her credits include: , A Song for You Lena at the National Black Theatre Festival in Winston, North Carolina, The Roots Remembered project at Medger Evers College Preparatory School Brooklyn, N.Y., OBATALA King of The White Cloth, Sango-Lord of Thunder at The Riverside Church Theatre Harlem, N.Y. and The National Black Theatre Harlem, N.Y. Her roles varied in capacity as Stage Manager and/or Production manager.

In 2008, Ms. Larue pursued a new venture she founded �New Visions: A Healing Workshop for Women to increase self-awareness for personal empowerment. In February 2012, she premiered a talk show aired on titled: The Everyday Super Woman a talk show that is produced by women and is created for women.

Ms. LaRue�s success both on the stage and the web has resulted in an even grander level of challenge. Destiny have conspired to bring Kim back to the stage as the Co-Founder/CEO of Medicine Women Productions, LLC and co-owner of MWP Internet Channel (features programs for women). The focus of these two ventures are on �healing of women and community!� (for more information, visit:

Kim LaRue lives the life of an �Everyday Super Woman�. Her warmth, truth and realist view about life draws others (women, men, and children from all background) to her who is seeking the path to heal and live life in love. Kim LaRue is able to help others through her experience and stories.