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DPVN, a division of D�EE�P Inc., is not a non-profit organization. DPVN cares about diverse programming, the arts and entertainment industry. It recognizes the financial struggle of upcoming independent producers to have their projects distributed and/or viewed. As a result, DPVN has established this donation opportunity for its viewers, supporters, business partners and global e-communities to help targeted producers with their initial cost for promotion utilizing DPVN production and media options.

Please join DPVN to help producers dreams become reality. It is important that producer supported channels exist so all nationalities, especially African American, Latino, Asian and many more are continuously represented when limited by today�s viewer controllers.

DPVN acknowledges the current economy impact on family and businesses and thanks all contributors for their donation. By donating $25 or more to support a producer, DPVN will send you an appreciation gift. Again THANK YOU for your participation and select the donation category that best fits your contribution.

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