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This page will post links to current interviews and write-ups.

Being Rescheduled

Exe. Producer's Notes: When I met Tiffani I met her as the managing editor of NEWD Magazine. As our friendship grew I heard about her love for dance. It would be a few years later; she invited me to a church performance. It was there that I felt her Love of dance. I look forward to her bringing on of her new passions Kizomba Heart2Heart to the world. 

Being Rescheduled

Exec. Producer's Notes: Anjali reached out to me to perform on DPVN Live. I went to the link that she provided and Loved the sounds that I was listening too. She got the green light because I hears a depth and wisdom in her arrangements. I find her to be mystical in her trance of musical vibration.

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Being Rescheduled

Exec. Producer's Notes: This brother right here... I have seen Ngoma many times. It was that first time that I went to see him perform that I was taken by his craft. Play various instruments. I never got to know him outside of his work. Maybe because what he does left me speechless. 

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Being Rescheduled

Exec. Producer's Notes: Honestly, I did not expect a soft voice to come over the phone when I met. This Ohio DJ has deep insight. We vibe on life, music, and food. She has her own style and blend. Her love of music plus talent delivers over the digital turn tables. As a house head and a lover of musical mixes, I invite you to move with me on this Black Friday.

Being Rescheduled

Exec. Producer's Notes: Zhe Scott is a tech woman so no surprise she plays an electric violin. It may not be in the picture but trust me. She has come through some things and she has written a book about it. I too think her heart shows up in the stroking of the strings. Zhe brings herself through as well as her faith. I admire her work and her ethics.

Being Rescheduled

Exec. Producer's Notes: I am just meeting SHESHE. She was green-lit because of her talent to move me. Hearing her sing Lift Every Voice, watching her one woman performance and seeing trailers. SHESHE has vocal cords that will raise a few of your ancestors. She bring her power to the front of the room, called the stage.

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Being Rescheduled

Exec. Producer's Notes: I have to say Laura Jones is special. I saw here a few years back. Forgetting now what I was going through but I needed something. Walking in Spirit I had to change me. I was growing.  My buddy Gab said you need to cover this woman she has a new album out.  Well that night in NYC changed my life.

Being Rescheduled


Exec. Producer's Notes: Stephanie Ortiz is a referral from the host Rachelle. She is in the land of Ole' Opry, TN. We spoke over the phone. I got her links  there after. It was the first note. I texted her back, "Oh Heaven YEAH!!!!  Stephany!!!". I am looking forward to her being on our streaming stage and sharing her vocal gift with us all. 

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Being Rescheduled

Exec. Producer's Notes: Acute Inflections, my new love. I have to thank Raymond Helfrich for the referral. They play live in my area and I have been to see them 6 times, if not more and almost in a row; inviting everyone I could. They are well known and booked often. Now I invite you to see why they are my new duo love.

Being Rescheduled

Exec. Producer's Notes: There are people that you meet and say I wish I lived next door. Daryl has that vibe. I tend to meet great people through great people. Daryl was looking for a videographer and her friend Felicia referred me. It was in Harlem that I saw her choreograph a full event with children and I just always wanted to bring something of hers to my network. 

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Being Rescheduled

Exec. Producer's Notes: Comedy is that part in life we need. I was looking for performance artists and this brother reached out.  I saw his work and it fit.  Julius Czar says he is working on new material. We will enjoy this journey together.

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Being Rescheduled

Exec. Producer's Notes: I heard this smooth jazzy vocalist at a friends performance. Her voice just captured me. I have asked her many time to be on my stage but timing was always a thing.  Now is the time when I get the win and I bring to my stage for you Lisi.

Sunday, 01/01/20

Exec. Producer's Notes: I am excited to introduce to some Miche Braden. Start the year off right. The first time I saw her, well, I still can't find my socks. She is a show stopper. This will be one affair you can talk about. I feel everyone should get this experience so that when you grow old, this becomes the distant memory that you will never forget.  

Sunday, 01/08/20

Exe. Producer's Notes: Tim'm West is a story teller. Telling stories as a spoken word artist. He is also known as the Brave Educator I will not tell you why you will have to go on this journey of discovery by showing up to hear him speak. He has much to say and his verbal visuals will illuminate the picture. Join him and DJ Rah D for a lyrical journey.

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Friday, 01/10/20

Chris Slaughter comes with new work in a new year and he's bringing it to our DPVN stage.

Exe. Producer's Notes: When I lived in Brooklyn there was spot that I would go to hear Chris Slaughter. I hung on every word and it was his delivery that kept me wanting more of his truth.  He speaks with the point of the words being spoken. You can not hear him you must obey and listen. Your mind will demand it. I am looking forward to his new works.