Learn more about the organizations that D'EE'P is supporting. Also come back to hear from the founders through our interviews and write-ups.


Black Family Land Trust

Durham, NC

The Black Family Land Trust, Inc. provides educational, technical, and financial services to ensure, protect, and preserve landownership for African Americans and other historically under-served landowners. The BFLT currently works primarily in the Southeastern United States, with active projects in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. 

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Change International

Change Rocks Foundation
Change International is leading the fight for gender equality. Equal opportunity. Equal compensation. Equal education, housing and healthcare. These are fundamental human rights that are denied to over 70% of girls and women across the globe. 131 million girls don't have access to education. Women account for over 50% of the global workforce, but earn up to 40% less than men. These disparities leave girls and women 10x more vulnerable to abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking and a lifetime of poverty.

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Cincinnati Black Pride

Cincy Black Pride aims to mobilize the Black LGBTQ+ Community to promote the health, education and awareness, as well as social and cultural wellness of people in Greater Cincinnati living at the intersection of Black and LGBTQ+ identity.

Community Matters 2

Poughkeepsie, NY
Our mission is to initiate communal growth by organizing events and establishing programs with local organizations for residents and youth with common goals that sparks community engagement.

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Kai's House
Maryland, USA

The mission of Kai’s House is to serve young adults ages 18 - 23 by providing life skills and personal development tools in a supportive, nurturing environment to foster self mastery and the ability to live independently and abundantly. 

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Princess Janae Place

New York, NY

A home away from home in honor of the Icon Princess Janae Banks. Princess Janae Place is educating the LGBTQ community on their rights to housing and into their own homes with the knowledge of how to maintain and sustain a comfortable way of living. We are dedicated to eradicating homelessness in New York by offering referrals to services that are culturally competent and address the needs of the LGBTQ community with emphasis on TGNC people of color.

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Urgent 365

Philadelphia, PA
Urgent 365 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit comprised of full-time artists who push communities of color forward through educational programming, social wellness events and donation-based initiatives created with the intent of making a more equitable world for the most vulnerable populations of color.

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Village Education Tutors Foundation

Wilmington, DE

Our guiding vision in action seeks to bridge the gap between a family's educational needs and life through academic excellence. Our mission is to improve educational outcomes of our community’s students through parental partnership in the delivery of high quality personalized education services designed to meet the specific needs of each student. 



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