DPVN was first called D'EE'P Vision and started in a living room in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn in 2005. Created because of the lack of diverse images that was shown on mainstream stations. Kori Raishon did not see images that represented the diversity of individuals from his culture and his community in America. He also did not see media coverage in certain city neighborhoods covering the great events that were uplifting lives.

Double EE Productions, LLC (D'EE'P) started creating and posting digital video content in 2005, on their own website. From there, D'EE'P entered the arena of media as news, covering various live events and interviewing various independent entertainers that were performing in the upper east tri-state area: NY, NJ, CT, PA and at times traveled to south-eastern states as well. D'EE'P became well known amongst creatives and started to assist in producing digital shows with individuals, entrepreneurs and a media sponsor for events. In 2009 D'EE'P Vision became D'EE'P Vision Network or DPVN as it is also known today. Below are the works of their past.

D'EE'P is currently curating their archives page. With over 300 video projects, we invite you to come back periodically to see what's new on this channel. Enjoy the rich visual history of DPVN.